Date tips for Sweetest Day.

All right peeps, need some Sweetest Day help? Well, we have the tips for you. Here is some ideas to make your Sweetest Day the best one ever.

Tip 1: Clean your car.
There is nothing worse than picking up your date in a trash heap. I mean, its the first reflection of how your house looks.

Tip 2: Bring a gift.
OK.  So I will be the first to say that you don’t have to pamper your date every time, but lets be real, its Sweetest Day. A perfect gift would be a beautiful arrangement of flowers from the BEST FLORIST IN MILWAUKEE, WELKE’S HOUSE OF ROSES….Don’t forget the candy.

Tip 3: Go to a nice restaurant.
Spend a little dough on your date. The 99 cent menu at McDonald’s isn’t going to win you any points at the end of the night. Our suggestion would be a local place in Elm Grove perhaps. Its a pretty romantic little city.

Tip 4: Show some respect!
Don’t move to fast!!! Its cheesy and not a good look.  It makes you look desperate and will completely ruin all the prior steps.

Tip 5: This is the most important tip of all… ( this comes out of el presidente’s book on romance.)

This is the last thing you want to happen at the end of the night. Don’t bring your dragon breath. You don’t want to burn your dates eyebrows off with your breath.


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