I bet you didnt think we could relate flowers to Father’s Day

I bet you didn’t think we could relate flowers to Father’s Day? Your right, I can’t. I’m drawing a major blank here when it comes to Father’s Day and flowers…..sike!! Come on people…I thought by now you should know me better than that. O.k so if your dad is like my dad he is normally getting a tie and some beef jerky for fathers day, he is going to look at the tie wear it once and we will never see it again. Then he will look at the beef jerky pretend it looks as good as manna from heaven and say we are the best kids ever. So I’m being a little sarcastic but I mean who takes fathers day serious anymore anyway. Its a day where he wakes up to some breakfast and has to BBQ his own dinner. If you don’t believe me watch this video.

Anywho, the only thing that would make his day more of a blast would be to plant some beautiful flowers in the garden. That’s right people give your Dad some more yard work on his only day of the year, come into Welke’s House of Roses and pick out some beautiful flowers for the garden. It might even be nice if you planted them for him.


Does every rose have a thorn?

Bret Michaels would like you to believe that, but is just not true. There are several species or rose that are thornless.  Zephirine Drouhin and Multiflora Ramblers are species of roses that are completely thornless, but enough of these big words we have your back here at Welkes. We receive all of our roses fresh from growers and strip them ourselves. You never have to worry about pricking your finger on our roses. Now the real roses that Bret is talking about…..you will have to form your own opinion.

If you could only read her mind…buy her a rose.

Preach on Kenny. We are so lucky to have a man with the talent of Kenny Rogers to able to read a woman’s mind. For all the men out there THANK YOU KENNY RODGERS!! Just a little something that Kenny forgot to tell you is that Welke’s House of Roses has the best roses around. Another thing he didn’t mention is that one singe rose means Perpetual love..Awe isn’t that precious. Gentlemen make sure you stop by every once and again and show your love to your significant other.

“The language of Roses” part duex

To continue on with our theme this month, here is another interesting tidbit about roses.
Did you know that Pale Color roses mean friendship. They would be good to send to a tennis partner or maybe a neighbor who is house sitting for you. Gentlemen, this is a good tip for sending roses to a colleague or friend, with out coming on too strong.

Its time for a Education!!

So June is National Rose month and with that Welke’s House of Roses is here to help you understand “the rose”.  Roses can be very fun but also quite high maintenance. So, this month we will be blogging about different facts and try to have some fun with it as well.
Today’s tidbit is about the “The Language of the Rose”.
Did you know, that a combination of Red and Yellow roses means “Congratulations”.  So, don’t forget when you are going to a graduation this week make sure you add your Red and Yellow roses.
Enjoy the “Rose” song of the day!

From the bottom of our hearts…THANK YOU!!!

Welke’s House of Roses loves and supports our troops. Through out the years we have had numerous members of the Armed Forces work here at Welkes. We know and appreciate all the sacrifices the men and women of the armed forces give us. This Memorial Day may we take a little time to remember the rights and freedoms we have because of these Heroic men and women. Enjoy this video of our soldiers coming home and make sure you have enough tissues with you, I was balling with in a minute.

Summer, Summer, Summer, Summertiiiiiime

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and where I’m from that means Summer is here!!!! WE ARE EXCITED!!! AND WE JUST CAN’T HIDE IT!!! WE ARE ABOUT TO LOSE CONTROL AND WE THINK WE LIKE IT!!!!(Did I take that too far) Now with this time of year comes BBQ’S and graduations. I’m all about the BBQ’S but nothing is worse than trying to huddle around an umbrella waiting thru 500 names to clap for your 2nd cousin. The only thing that makes this situation bearable is when we hand over the beautiful flower arrangement from Welke’s House of Roses. Don’t forget to bring something nice for your graduate, its a really nice touch for a day that only happens once….or twice depending on college and stuff like that..OK so it could happen a couple times but its still a nice touch.
Anywho enjoy the best summer song ever!!!!

Is there really any other way to go??!!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and here at Welke’s House of Roses we are here to help you. The main dilemma with anyone when placing your Mother’s Day flowers is were to go to order.  I found this video very helpful!

After watching this video I just don’t understand why anyone would use any of these online companies. Come on people shop local.  Don’t get me wrong Welkes would love to help you this mothers day but if you don’t choose us, choose a local flower shop.

Here is some still picks from the video.

First up was FTD.

The picture on the left is what is looked like online and picture on the right is what the customer received!  Im sure your mom will love it.  I mean it fresh flowers right.

Next up is organicbouquet.com

The picture on the left is what is looked like online and picture on the right is what the customer received!  Im sure this will bloom by next Mother’s Day.

All right, proflowers.com its your turn.

The picture on the left is what is looked like online and picture on the right is what the customer received!  My mom would love this one…if i made it myself when I was 6 years old.

Next up 1800flowers.com

The picture on the left is what is looked like online and picture on the right is what the customer received!  OK…..

Next up KaBloom

The picture on the left is what is looked like online and picture on the right is what the customer received!  That’s a kabloom all right!!

So I think we proved our point here.  It’s as easy as going to welkes.com or calling either one of our location,  on the coner of 56th and North ave in Milwaukee, 414.442.8640  or Downtown Elm Grove at 262.786.1040

A random act of kindness!!

Kathryn Severson, we appreciate you!! This is her nomination story:
“I have known Kathryn for a very long time and she is always giving to people. The best part is she passes this sense of giving to all the kids she teaches at Premiere Ecole Preschool. I have had 2 kids graduate from PE and they both had the best experience. They learned that it is better to help someone for no reason than it is the right thing to do. It always makes you feel good. This is due to Kathryn! She has given back ten fold and the kids are now doing the same, making this world a little better off!”

On behalf of Melissa Koski and Welkes House of Roses please enjoy these flowers and know that is people like Kathryn Severson who make this world a little better for everyone else.