Who’s the Boss

So, do you want to get on your Bosses good side…..Don’t forget about National Bosses Day next Tuesday the 16th of October. Let me make it easy for you, follow the link and let Welke’s House of Roses take care of it for you. And don’t be shy, invite some co-workers in on the fun.



Bosses Week Part Deux!!

Having problems with your boss? We have all been there. ( Well except for here at Welke’s were el’ presidente treats all like gold) Lets keep it real though, sometimes you just have to suck it up.  Its Bosses Week people, and getting your boss a gift could go a little way to them hating you as much as you hate them.

Here is a link to some great arrangements, for a boss you don’t like.


el presidente couldn’t have said it better.