DID I DO THAT!!! Donald got robbed last night

OK, so I’m a little bias and I’m know I’m professional when it comes to dancing, But I know good dancing when I see it and Donald got robbed. If you missed it last night here you go.

See what I’m saying. If he would have put that much energy into last season we might have won another Super Bowl. Anywho, lets get out and vote people, with these bad scores he might need us. Just to prove I know good dancing when I see it, take a look at the video below.



Welkes House of Roses are so excited to watch Donald Driver on Dancing With the Stars. We will be rooting and voting for him. Please watch this wonderful video on Donald. I think Stewart Scott said it best “If you don’t someway cheer for Donald in some form, whether a Packer fan or not…you need to check your pulse”. Go Donald, we believe in you!!!