DID I DO THAT!!! Donald got robbed last night

OK, so I’m a little bias and I’m know I’m professional when it comes to dancing, But I know good dancing when I see it and Donald got robbed. If you missed it last night here you go.

See what I’m saying. If he would have put that much energy into last season we might have won another Super Bowl. Anywho, lets get out and vote people, with these bad scores he might need us. Just to prove I know good dancing when I see it, take a look at the video below.



Welkes House of Roses are so excited to watch Donald Driver on Dancing With the Stars. We will be rooting and voting for him. Please watch this wonderful video on Donald. I think Stewart Scott said it best “If you don’t someway cheer for Donald in some form, whether a Packer fan or not…you need to check your pulse”. Go Donald, we believe in you!!!

I was entertained.

So working at Welkes House of Roses we run into a lot of unique individuals and that’s what makes this job so fun. We have the opportunity to come to work and use our creativity to help others. I can’t tell how fun it is to see someones face after they see there flower arrangements. It never gets old. With that being said enjoy the video below of this creative way to make a song there own.

Just something for you to think about…

***Full dis-closer, We do provide wire service with FTD****

So we found this very interesting and here at Welkes we thought we could not let this go without commenting.  Like we have said in other posts we don’t discriminate against anyone who decides to use these big national chains to order flower, but you have to ask yourself at what cost do you use these companies. We have made it so easy to order flowers at Welkes.com, and one of the greatest things about ordering through Welkes.com or calling us directly at 414.442.8640 is that you are talking to a customer service agent who will be directly handling your arrangement and I think there is a lot to be said for that. With that being said Welke’s take great pride in taking care of all arrangement regardless of where we get the order from (FTD, Teleflora etc…), but we know that by contacting Welke’s House of Roses directly we SPECIFICALLY know how to help you.  So we will get off our soap box now and regardless of who you choose to order your flower through….JUST ORDER FLOWERS…LOCALLY!!

Our tribute to Whitney Houston.

Here at Welke’s we are in the season of love(…cough, cough…VALENTINES DAY IS TUESDAY!!!) and our thoughts and prayers go out Whitney Houston’s family and friends. Its a sad day for a lot of us here who grew up on her music and watching her movies. She will truly be missed!! BELOW IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO OF ALL TIMES!!!


We have breaking news here at the Welke’s News desk. The BEST Valentines Day deals are happening right now at Welke’s House of Roses!! Call today and receive 20% off all your Valentines Day arrangements. Get your orders in quick cause supplies are going fast….(OK I’m being a little dramatic now) We also are aware that things could be busy for you today so if you call and order tomorrow you can receive 15% off and Friday 10% off.

Does anyone realize the magnitude of what happened yesterday?

I cant even stay composed right now. My fingers are trembling thinking about how this blog was rocked by the Big Chief, Mr. Welke. He graced us with his presence by posting one of the most gracious, monumental, riveting and powerful things I ever seen. I mean I laughed for hours at the comedic gold that he brought to this blog. All hail Mr. Welke and I know I can speak for all of us by saying, Thank You for your GREATNESS. Who needs Tim Tebow when you have Mr. Welke.

First Y2K now 2012?

Call me a skeptic but I don’t get it. Just because some guy comes out with a movie saying the worlds going to end in 2012 everyone is in a up roar. Well I’m not drinking the cool aid. I remember being a kid listening to Art Bell (way cool old am talk show host) and being so afraid the world would end in the year 2000. Well it didn’t and I got a honorable English grade because I didn’t thing I need to worry about that paper due in January. Lets take some time to remember the advise Eddie gave us and party all the time. Fellas don’t forget to get your date a beautiful flower arrangement from Welke’s House of Roses before you pick her up for new years eve, you wont be sorry.


“If we don’t come together right now, we too will be destroyed”. Denzel couldn’t have said it better! We need your help. We will not go down with out a fight. Currently we are in 3rd place and I know we are the best. Please vote and vote often for Welkes House of Roses. Follow the link below. Thanks and have a wonderful Wednesday.