Remember your Father’s past and present.

As I made a delivery today to a graveyard I couldn’t help but think about all the fathers in my life, past and present. This fathers day may we remember our heritage and the trail blazers that have come before us, as well as the fathers in our lives now. Make sure you stop by, where ever they are and pay your respects. If you want to bring something with you stop in at Welkes and bright up the day.


Its really makes you reflect on the time that you have with you loved ones.  One thing is for sure “time” is one thing you can never get back.  Live in the moment and cherish the people you love!!


“The language of Roses” part duex

To continue on with our theme this month, here is another interesting tidbit about roses.
Did you know that Pale Color roses mean friendship. They would be good to send to a tennis partner or maybe a neighbor who is house sitting for you. Gentlemen, this is a good tip for sending roses to a colleague or friend, with out coming on too strong.

Just something for you to think about…

***Full dis-closer, We do provide wire service with FTD****

So we found this very interesting and here at Welkes we thought we could not let this go without commenting.  Like we have said in other posts we don’t discriminate against anyone who decides to use these big national chains to order flower, but you have to ask yourself at what cost do you use these companies. We have made it so easy to order flowers at, and one of the greatest things about ordering through or calling us directly at 414.442.8640 is that you are talking to a customer service agent who will be directly handling your arrangement and I think there is a lot to be said for that. With that being said Welke’s take great pride in taking care of all arrangement regardless of where we get the order from (FTD, Teleflora etc…), but we know that by contacting Welke’s House of Roses directly we SPECIFICALLY know how to help you.  So we will get off our soap box now and regardless of who you choose to order your flower through….JUST ORDER FLOWERS…LOCALLY!!