I bet you didnt think we could relate flowers to Father’s Day

I bet you didn’t think we could relate flowers to Father’s Day? Your right, I can’t. I’m drawing a major blank here when it comes to Father’s Day and flowers…..sike!! Come on people…I thought by now you should know me better than that. O.k so if your dad is like my dad he is normally getting a tie and some beef jerky for fathers day, he is going to look at the tie wear it once and we will never see it again. Then he will look at the beef jerky pretend it looks as good as manna from heaven and say we are the best kids ever. So I’m being a little sarcastic but I mean who takes fathers day serious anymore anyway. Its a day where he wakes up to some breakfast and has to BBQ his own dinner. If you don’t believe me watch this video.

Anywho, the only thing that would make his day more of a blast would be to plant some beautiful flowers in the garden. That’s right people give your Dad some more yard work on his only day of the year, come into Welke’s House of Roses and pick out some beautiful flowers for the garden. It might even be nice if you planted them for him.