If there is any week that should go on forever, we hope its this one.

So today is World Kindness Day which kicks off World Kindness Week. Welke’s House of Roses is very excited to see the spotlight on being kind. We truly believe that these kinds of actions can really change the world. We only hope that we can keep kindness in the forefront of our minds forever. Welke’s House of Roses has a long lasting vision on helping those who do random acts of kindness. We even have a program here that will give away free roses once a week to those who go out of there way to help others who are expecting nothing in return. For more information follow the link below.


For some additional inspiration enjoy the video below. Thanks and lets try and change the world one small deed at a time


A random act of kindness!!

Kathryn Severson, we appreciate you!! This is her nomination story:
“I have known Kathryn for a very long time and she is always giving to people. The best part is she passes this sense of giving to all the kids she teaches at Premiere Ecole Preschool. I have had 2 kids graduate from PE and they both had the best experience. They learned that it is better to help someone for no reason than it is the right thing to do. It always makes you feel good. This is due to Kathryn! She has given back ten fold and the kids are now doing the same, making this world a little better off!”

On behalf of Melissa Koski and Welkes House of Roses please enjoy these flowers and know that is people like Kathryn Severson who make this world a little better for everyone else.