Its a Dad’s life.


Took the words right out of my mouth. Word to yo Daddy!!




From the bottom of our hearts…THANK YOU!!!

Welke’s House of Roses loves and supports our troops. Through out the years we have had numerous members of the Armed Forces work here at Welkes. We know and appreciate all the sacrifices the men and women of the armed forces give us. This Memorial Day may we take a little time to remember the rights and freedoms we have because of these Heroic men and women. Enjoy this video of our soldiers coming home and make sure you have enough tissues with you, I was balling with in a minute.

Well we are still here so….yeah.

Well we didn’t win a dime last night, and as for that little post about us closing if we win…….We were just playing with you. We would have been here no matter what. 650 million wouldn’t have changed anything around here, just the same old people with nicer cars. Any who, we are here and we have some amazing Easter Lilies. Stop by either location and check them out!!

So there is a very slight posiblity we will be closed tomorrow.

640 MILLION…….yes please! So, like everyone else were going for the gold. Here is your public announcement: If we have the lucky numbers in our lottery pool here at Welkes, we will be closed tomorrow. Oh and I’m sure Mr. Welke will be looking for employee’s ASAP!! To all those that are looking for your golden ticket….we are wishing you nothing but bad luck cause we want the money. 🙂 Enjoy the video of this lucky winner.

Fred Astaire couldnt have said it better


Easter is right around the corner so don’t forget to send the ones you love a beautiful floral arrangement. Use Fred’s example and go with some wonderful white lilies.

P.S: Don’t forget about a nice Easter centerpiece!

DID I DO THAT!!! Donald got robbed last night

OK, so I’m a little bias and I’m know I’m professional when it comes to dancing, But I know good dancing when I see it and Donald got robbed. If you missed it last night here you go.

See what I’m saying. If he would have put that much energy into last season we might have won another Super Bowl. Anywho, lets get out and vote people, with these bad scores he might need us. Just to prove I know good dancing when I see it, take a look at the video below.

Just something for you to think about…

***Full dis-closer, We do provide wire service with FTD****

So we found this very interesting and here at Welkes we thought we could not let this go without commenting.  Like we have said in other posts we don’t discriminate against anyone who decides to use these big national chains to order flower, but you have to ask yourself at what cost do you use these companies. We have made it so easy to order flowers at, and one of the greatest things about ordering through or calling us directly at 414.442.8640 is that you are talking to a customer service agent who will be directly handling your arrangement and I think there is a lot to be said for that. With that being said Welke’s take great pride in taking care of all arrangement regardless of where we get the order from (FTD, Teleflora etc…), but we know that by contacting Welke’s House of Roses directly we SPECIFICALLY know how to help you.  So we will get off our soap box now and regardless of who you choose to order your flower through….JUST ORDER FLOWERS…LOCALLY!!

We are not haters…but…

Here at Welke’s we are definitely not haters. We applaud hard work and all the success that comes with it, but when I saw the picture above my jaw dropped. Here at Welke’s House of Rose we have GREAT pride in taking care of every customer’s flower needs and to see all of those flowers boxed and just thrown in a heap really hurts my heart. I would feel awful if I knew one of our customers received service like that. If you feel like going thru one of these companies feel free, that’s your prerogative.  Seeing this makes me so happy to work for a family owned and operated company who takes great pleasure in providing wonder flower arrangements to everyone in Milwaukee and its surrounding areas. Thank you to all those who chose Welke’s House of Rose this Valentine’s Day.  We appreciate every last person!!!!

It’s time to make up for lost holidays.

Look I’ve been there, I think I have given a couple Snuggie’s in my day. Now is the time for change and Valentines Day is the day I change. Don’t be that guy who’s wife has to tell all her co works ” Oh, he didn’t sent flowers because we are going out to dinner” when we all know it’s left overs for everyone. DON’T DO IT PEOPLE…. What happened to chivalry? Lets show our lovers we can be impressive, we can be stunning, WE CAN BE A CASANOVA!!! Call Welke’s House of Roses, the Valentine’s Day Experts for help.

Fella’s, it really not that complicated. Listen to Adriana!

Look at that face, is that the face of a liar. It really isn’t that complicated, just give us a call and let Welke’s handle your Valentine’s Day Flowers.  You can call us at 414.442.8640 or stop by and let us take some of the stress off your day. Don’t forget to ask about our Ultimate Valentine!