Have fun, shop local!!!

So by now everyone is gearing up for Thanksgivings and if your house is anything like mine we are also gearing up for Black Friday. As I sit here and think about another year in the cold and racing to the same item as everyone else, I think I’m going to sleep in and help out my neighbor. On Saturday, November 24th is Small Business Saturday and wouldn’t it be nice if we can help those business owners who give so much time to there craft as well as there communities. I cant help but think how chaotic it can be on black Friday and how our thoughts are so much upon getting that next thing before someone else, when we can shop local and have a good feeling knowing you are helping someone else. Now I’m not trying to beat around the bush, we would love for you to come to Welke’s House of Roses but if you cant,  just shop local. It could be really fun to see all the different stores you have in your community.


If there is any week that should go on forever, we hope its this one.

So today is World Kindness Day which kicks off World Kindness Week. Welke’s House of Roses is very excited to see the spotlight on being kind. We truly believe that these kinds of actions can really change the world. We only hope that we can keep kindness in the forefront of our minds forever. Welke’s House of Roses has a long lasting vision on helping those who do random acts of kindness. We even have a program here that will give away free roses once a week to those who go out of there way to help others who are expecting nothing in return. For more information follow the link below.


For some additional inspiration enjoy the video below. Thanks and lets try and change the world one small deed at a time


All right peeps, need some Sweetest Day help? Well, we have the tips for you. Here is some ideas to make your Sweetest Day the best one ever.

Tip 1: Clean your car.
There is nothing worse than picking up your date in a trash heap. I mean, its the first reflection of how your house looks.

Tip 2: Bring a gift.
OK.  So I will be the first to say that you don’t have to pamper your date every time, but lets be real, its Sweetest Day. A perfect gift would be a beautiful arrangement of flowers from the BEST FLORIST IN MILWAUKEE, WELKE’S HOUSE OF ROSES….Don’t forget the candy.

Tip 3: Go to a nice restaurant.
Spend a little dough on your date. The 99 cent menu at McDonald’s isn’t going to win you any points at the end of the night. Our suggestion would be a local…

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Who’s the Boss

So, do you want to get on your Bosses good side…..Don’t forget about National Bosses Day next Tuesday the 16th of October. Let me make it easy for you, follow the link and let Welke’s House of Roses take care of it for you. And don’t be shy, invite some co-workers in on the fun.


What a great event, Honoring those who brought Honor to this Country.

I cant wait until August 1, 2012. This truly is a once in a lifetime event. Honoring those who brought honor to this country is such a privilege. For information please follow the link below.


Meet the Welkes Design Team

On today’s installment of Meet the Welkes Design Team, We meet Jennifer.

Jennifer came to Welkes over 10 years ago with a background and love for interior design. ” I wanted a change, but I still wanted to do something that I can use my creativity, that’s what brought me to Welkes House of Roses”. With her fun, bubbly personality it really shows off in her arrangements. “I’m very versatile when it comes to my arrangements. After 10 years I have been able to make arrangements for every occasion but my favorite is a fall arrangement. I love brightness of fall colors.”

With this arrangement I really wanted it to have a fun, girly, feel but still have a beautiful, romantic side.

The magic of Honor Flight

You know, there is only a couple “once in a generation” events that happen in someones life and this is one of them.

“There is only a few of them left, the ones that are alive have a very strong bond within”, its hard to keep the emotions in check after watching this. I’m so proud to be apart of this great country. Please follow the link below and support this fine generation of men and women who served this great country.


This hits close to home for us here at Welke’s House of Rose because of our veterans we work with day after day here at the shop, especially Bill Lang our WWII veteran.

Sky rockets in flight…..Where do I go for fireworks?

I don’t know what its is but I can never figure out when there is going to be fireworks.  You would think you could go to your local park at dusk on the 4th and boom, but its not always that easy. I found this site that will help all those in the Milwaukee area find the big bangs. I thought I would try and make it as easy as possible.

Where are the fireworks?

Remember your Father’s past and present.

As I made a delivery today to a graveyard I couldn’t help but think about all the fathers in my life, past and present. This fathers day may we remember our heritage and the trail blazers that have come before us, as well as the fathers in our lives now. Make sure you stop by, where ever they are and pay your respects. If you want to bring something with you stop in at Welkes and bright up the day.


Its really makes you reflect on the time that you have with you loved ones.  One thing is for sure “time” is one thing you can never get back.  Live in the moment and cherish the people you love!!